Areas of Expertise
Receptive and Expressive Language, Articulation / Phonological Processing, Pragmatic Social Skills, Cognitive Communication Disorder, Language Deficits, Oral Motor Deficits, Fluency Disorders, Voice Disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorder.

General Information
- A voice disorder exist when vocal characteristics of pitch, intensity, quality or resonance interfere with communication, draw unfavorable attention to the speaker or listener and/or is inappropriate to the age or sex of the person.

Speech/Language - Language is the expression of human communication through which knowledge, belief and behavior can be experienced, explained and shared. A speech/language disorder is the impairment or deviant development of expression and/or comprehension of words in context. This disorder includes impaired articulation that adversely affects one’s ability to communicate effectively with others.

Fluency - Fluency refers to the natural forward flow of speech. A disorder exist when an abnormal rate of speaking or involuntary repetitions, prolongations or blocks interfere with effective communications.